Without SSLlocker
With SSLlocker
Do you realize you can be at risk of Man in The Middle attacks
using the default settings for Windows and Internet Explorer?

SSLlocker for Internet Explorer will help secure your eCommerce, banking
and other HTTPS web site logins, protecting your personal information

ChromeLocker for Chrome on all versions of Windows is now available
What is a Man in The Middle (MiTM) Attack?
A man in the middle attack intercepts communication between two systems where the third party can passively monitor and or actively tamper with the connection. Your login credentials and personal information can be stolen.
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Latest News
May 20 2015   researchers disclosed a yet another HTTPS SSL/TLS vulnerability
-- ChromeLocker 1.5 is now available with Logjam Attack protection

Mar 26 2015 researchers disclosed a yet another HTTPS SSL/TLS vulnerability
-- ChromeLocker 1.0 is now available with Bar Mitzvah Attack protection
-- the Bar Mitzvah Attack. SSLlocker already protects against the use of RC4 ciphers

March 3, 2015, researchers disclosed a yet another HTTPS SSL/TLS MiTM vulnerability
-- the FREAK attack. It was acknowledged March 5, 2015 by Microsoft, in the Security Advisory 3046015. Schannel is the component of Windows that implements SSL/TLS and contains weak, decades old encryption ciphers. MS was released a patch Mar 10, 2015. Just do a Windows update.

SSLlocker has been protecting Windows users against SSL/TLS MiTM cipher attacks, since Nov 2014. Do a Windows update to patch the FREAK vulnerability & SSLlocker works fine.
Disclaimer: SSL Locker products have been extensively tested but we do not provide any warranty. Use at your own risk.